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Yuckite Kitesurfing Training In Yucatán (Mexico)


Yuckite is the first formal and IKO certified school in Yucatán, specialized in teaching kiteboarding classes. We have instructors certified by the International Kiteboard Organization, in constant preparation, and trained to teach our students in the most effective, fast, and safe way.


The Latest Kiteboarding Equipment

We also have the latest generation equipment from the North Kiteboarding brand to provide the best quality, safety, and technology when teaching. Thanks to the experience of our Instructors, we can offer courses aimed at both beginning students who want to enter the world of kiteboarding to be safe and independent riders, as well as for those advanced riders who seek to learn new tricks of the different modalities.


With IKO-approved instructors, you can learn everything you need to know about kitesurfing without any hassles.

Yuckite Kitesurfing Training In Yucatán (Mexico)
Boulevard Turístico Yucalpetén
Progreso Yucatan 97320
Phone: (999) 279 0255