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Wak Cyprus | Kiteboarding Lessons In Limassol

About WAK CYPRUS Kitesurf In Limassol

WAK CYPRUS online kitesurfing store, WAK is your one-stop-shop for everything that you need to have for an exceptional kitesurfing experience.


Kiteboarding Instructions and Gear Repair

Their IKO certified instructors offer a myriad of kitesurfing lessons at their professional kitesurfing camp in Limassol, Cyprus. These lessons include a kitesurfing guide, gear repairs, and gear sales.


Come and have a look at their website (see below) for different kitesurf gear, lessons, rent details, and much more.

Wak Cyprus | Kiteboarding Lessons In Limassol
Amathus Avenue 84
Limassol 4532
Phone: (799) 195-459