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Tsunami Kite School | Surf Lessons In Rome

Kiteboarding In Italy – Marina di San Nicola, Rome

The location of the school is not far from Genoa, the maritime capital of the area. The courses offered at the school are divided into three levels, the Flying Club, the Boarding Club, and the Paddling Club, and the cost ranges between 10 euros and 35 euros a lesson.


Location of the surf camp

The school is located in a sea-facing complex (which already has a pier for launching the students’ kiteboards) close to the Port of Roccasecca and can be reached by bus or train.


The kiteboarding classes take place from July to October and the students spend their weekends and summer holidays there.


The story about Tsunami Kite School

The TsunamiKiteSchool was born from a combination of passions and values shared by a group of people who have allowed the foundation of this school by providing, to all newbies who want to start this sport, the tools, and knowledge necessary to practice this discipline.


Founders and kitesurf instructors

Why choose to kitesurf? There is no better way to answer this question than to tell you our experience. We are Salvatore and Cristian the two founders of TsunamiKiteSchool and our path was born on a skateboard. The passion for the board has not remained only on wheels but has led us to practice sports such as snowboarding and surfing up to 10 years ago-.


The beach

The Marina di San Nicola has a paddle-able beach that is about 50 meters long.

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Tsunami Kite School | Surf Lessons In Rome
Marina di San Nicola
Rome Italy
Phone: (339) 501-5350