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Top Kitesurf Spots in the World | Great Kiteboarding Camps!

The blissful sensation of riding with the power of the wind is just unequaled – it is surreal, like levitation! As many who’ve fallen hopelessly in love with the sport can testify, kiteboarding can take you around the world in search of that perfect kitesurf camp to express your profound affection or learn some new great surf lessons

While there are areas that might have better kitesurf conditions, from personal preference, this is a list of some favorites with their ratings.

1. Kiteboarding in Tarifa

Rating (8,3/10)
  • Location: Spain
  • How to get there: 45m drive from Gibraltar, 1hr 45mins drive from Malaga
  • When to go: April to November
  • Water condition: Mostly flat, choppy, and waves.
  • What makes it great: Considered Europe’s mecca for kitesurfing, it is characterized by having a warm climate and reliable wind practically all year round, as well as a right blend of vibrant culture, active nightlife, and loads of no-wind-activities. It is the best spot for all levels of kiteboarding.

Blessed with an ever-reliable strong wind, 10km stretch of beach, over 10 months of summer per year, as well as a mix of fantastic Spanish food with a great chilled but buzzing atmosphere – this is easily one of Europe’s most preferred kiteboarding destinations.



Learn more in our article about the top Spanish kitesufing spots in Tarifa (Dakhla & Lassarga)

2. Kitesurf Spots in La Ventana

Rating (8/10)
  • Location: Mexico
  • How to get there: 45mins from La Paz Airport, 2hr 10mins from Los Cabos Airport
  • When to go: November to March
  • Water condition: Normally choppy with strong waves on windy days.
  • What makes it great: While the morning comes with calmness, Steady side-shore wind kicks up around 11:00 a.m. and blows until sunset, perfect for kiteboarding.

Usually regarded as a perfect blend of ideal kitesurfing culture and conditions, the nature and people of La Ventana are quite unique. With bright beaches, clear turquoise water, beautiful contrasting mountain chains as well as a friendly and open-minded community, La Ventana is a magical place to be.


  • Wide beach
  • Uncrowded
  • Side-shore wind and low speed
  • Friendly, open-minded kite community


  • Always need a wetsuit
  • Zero nightlife
  • No big hotel and nothing fancy

3. Strong Surfing Winds in Sotavento - Fuerteventura

Rating (8,6/10)
  • Location: Canary Islands
  • How to get there: 1hr drive from Fuerteventura Airport
  • When to go: May to September
  • Water condition: Mostly flat, choppy, and waves.
  • What makes it great: Day in day out, the wind beats the shore. If the wind shifts or changes direction, just literally move with it to the other side of the island.

The beaches at Fuerteventura portray a beautiful scenery of seaside outposts within the rocky desert of the island. It is a very popular site for most European and American tourists. Although Flag Beach is regarded as a perfect spot for learners, however, they are often advised to be mindful of rocks that appear at low tidal waves.


  • Wide beach
  • Lively nightlife
  • Lots of no-wind-activities


  • Always need a wetsuit

4. Windy Surf Camps in Jericoacoara

Rating (8,3/10)
  • Location: Brazil
  • How to get there: 4hrs 30mins drive from Fortaleza (FOR)
  • When to go: August to January
  • Water condition: Mostly choppy; flat water in the lagoons; some wind waves
  • What makes it great: There’s definitely a need for a weather forecast – there is strong consistent wind here, all day every day. This is because, along Brazil’s northern coast, this region enjoys the passage of the strongest wind. It is best suited for independent kitesurfers and downwind lovers.

This little sandy village which is situated in a National Park famous for its moving dunes offers the world loads of sunset Caipis, chilled out vibes, downwind breaks, and a remote location making Jeri every kiter’s dream spot.


  • The village is magical, located in a National Park in between dunes
  • Endless downwind options, various surrounding spots
  • Loads of no-wind activities
  • Many decent restaurants and vibrant nightlife


  • Expensive and overcrowded during high season (especially Christmas and New Year)
  • Can’t kite in Jeri directly (need to take a buggy to the various spots).

5. Epic Kiteboarding Spots in Maui

Rating (9,2/10)
  • Location: Hawaii, USA
  • How to get there: Kahului Airport
  • When to go: All year round (March to October for strong winds, October to March for big waves)
  • Water condition:
  • What makes it great: The guarantee of wind is on a natural high on this island – it is almost always consistent. The fringing reef produces flat water lagoons for kiters, and the surf’s practically constantly up on the edge.

This place took kitesurfing to the mainstream when it hosted the first competition back in the 1990s. Today it’s still a top location, with consistent winds, warm temperatures, and a cool party atmosphere away from the water. Altogether, this makes Maui one of the favorite kitesurf camps in the world. 


  • Year-round wind availability
  • Wide beach
  • Uncrowded and super-friendly atmosphere


  • Tight launch spot

6. Warm Surfing Water in Phuket

Rating (8,8/10)
  • Location: Thailand
  • How to get there: Phuket International Airport (HKT) (5 mins drive – Nai Yang beach, 1hr drive to Chalong beach)
  • When to go there: December to February (Chalong beach), June to September (Nai Yang beach)
  • Water condition: Flat and shallow, some wind swell out in the bay
  • What makes it great: Best known for its ideal conditions for kitesurfing

With its imposing coconut palms, sandy beaches, light-blue sea, and majestic coconut palms, Thailand’s tropical bliss are without doubt one of the world’s most beautiful get-away destinations. Since Phuket is bi-seasonal, the kiteboarding activities move in accordance with the direction and magnitude of these respective surfing sites: Nai Yang Beach and Chalong beach.


  • Beautiful infrastructure
  • Good hotels, decent restaurants and active nightlife
  • Beautiful scenery with palm trees and sandy beaches


  • High tourist population
  • Not the best wind probability.

7. Extreme Water Adventures in Essaouira

  • Location: Morocco
  • How to get there: 2hrs 30mins drive from Marrakech Airport
  • Water condition: Choppy, waves on the reef
  • When to go: April to September
  • Water Condition: Flatwater, choppy with wave spot
  • What makes it great: This coastline stretches miles upon miles along the Atlantic; hence, plenty of room for everyone’s space. The veteran-seeking advanced waves and the learner-friendly flats make it the best fit for kitesurf beginners, flatwater lovers, and freestylers.

For a blend of kiting and culture, it’s hard to beat this North African town, where local fishermen haul in catches of the day while wind-seekers ride out in the bay. Known to be the freestyle heaven, the strong, consistent winds, and crystalline waters combine to create idyllic conditions.


  • Huge lagoon with lots of space
  • Amazing flat water and wave spots
  • Very high wind chance year-round


  • Always need a wetsuit over winter
  • Not much nightlife
  • Limited alternative activities

8. Deific Kitesurf Spots in Long Bay - Turks & Caicos

Rating (7,7/10)
  • Location: Turks and Caicos
  • How to get there: 20 mins drive from Providenciales, Turks, and Caicos International Airport (PLS)
  • When to go: January to April (although windy all-year-round)
  • Water condition: Having wave spots and flat water spots, the water is mostly flat during low tide and choppier at high tide.
  • What makes it great: Kitesurfing is on another level – almost deific at Long Bay. Its broad surface lagoon underpins the eastern part of Providenciales. The fringing reef provides adequate protection to this flat-water nirvana with a sandy depth and ever-reliable side-shore wind. It is best for all skill levels.

Turks and Caicos are one of the Caribbean’s finest tropical paradises. Blessed with warm, turquoise-colored water and soft bleached sand that stimulates a dreamy effect on any sane mind.


  • Fantastic learning conditions for beginners and kiters wanting to learn new tricks
  • Very spacious bay – not crowded on the water
  • Beautiful turquoise water and powder-soft white beaches


  • Expensive
  • A rental car is recommended

9. Grat Surf Winds in Cabarete

Rating (8,3/10)
  • Location: Dominican Republic
  • How to get there: 20 mins drive from Puerto Plata International Airport (POP)
  • When to go: June to August
  • Water condition:
  • What makes it great: Strong, consistent trade winds blow side-shore and side-on-shore all summer. It can get crowded, but the kiting is so good people don’t care.

Nestled along a wide, crescent bay on the north coast of the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, Cabarete buzzes with international visitors yet retains a hip, laid-back feel.


  • Close proximity of accommodations to the spot
  • Fun atmosphere and active nightlife
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lots of no-wind activities


  • Becomes overly packed with surfers (especially during the high season)
  • Busy with high tourist influx
  • Light wind (during the winter)

10. Beautiful Waters in Boca Grandi

Rating (8,3/10)
  • Location: Aruba
  • How to get there: 25 mins drive from Reina Beatrix (AUA)
  • When to go: January to August
  • Water condition: Choppy, smaller waves in between with medium waves (up to 2m) on the reef.
  • What makes it great: While the wind is unarguably stable, it is by far one of the most beautiful blue waters. It is best suited for intermediate and expert kitboarders.

Boca Grandi, about 700m wide, is an absolute beauty with its crystal-clear turquoise water, white dunes and lush green vegetation. Its super stable wind may be due to the onshore wind constantly hitting the bay. While the bay is a bit protected from the reef, conditions are still rougher than other spots.


  • Super stable and incredible wind
  • It’s not overcrowded (which makes it great for kitesurfing)
  • Warm water and air
  • Friendly community and easy-going atmosphere


  • No infrastructure at the spot
  • Expensive

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