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Tarifa Max Kitesurfing Classes In Spain

The Max Kitesurfing School has a promising and attractive method of teaching, gained with years of teaching lessons since the year 1998. Their kitesurfing instructors combine new techniques with sound experience, providing quick development of the learner’s adaptation to safety while also enjoying the enthralling experience.


Max Kitesurfing Schooling Techniques

With their training techniques, the instructors can bring the student to a fulfilling learning experience within 2 hours. The school promises that the instructor will be with them in the water, in case they need any help.


The team of instructors has credible qualifications (IKO and FAV). The focus is on creative methods to offer an unmatched kitesurfing experience in Tarifa, including new techniques of teaching and Slingshot kite material for better learning.


Inspirational Kiteboard Spots In Tarifa

The school doesn’t only teach you kitesurfing but it also helps you understand the passion for such activities, along with tips of the best spots in Tarifa for kitesurfing. With their teachings, the team aims to give people a deeper connection with nature, especially the sea.


Tarifa Max Kitesurfing school invites you to join their kiteboarding club and have the time of your life with unforgettable surfing sessions in Tarifa!

Tarifa Max Kitesurfing Classes In Spain
Rip Curl shop, Calle Batalla del Salado, 76
Cádiz 11380
Phone: (696) 55 8227