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Surfers Paradise Kiteboarding School | Kitesurf Lessons In Belgium

The Naish Kitesurfing Center holds the quality label of the International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO). This implies that there are a strict set of rules that are bound to be followed inside the center to make it efficient and safe for all the learners.


Your Beginner IKO Certification

As a student, you receive an IKO level card at the start of the curriculum that is the first step of your IKO certification. It proves that you are on a beginner level of kitesurfing training. This can easily be used across the globe at different IKO certified centers for added classes and workshops to improve your skill.


Use Your IKO Card To Rent Kitesurfing Gear

You can also rent kitesurfing equipment and accessories using this card. The centers educate their learners with theory classes and then move on to practical classes on the beach till the students are professionally trained to use the equipment on their own.


Perfect Your Surfing Habits

The next step is habituation, which is the building of kitesurfing habits that further perfect your skill on the water. Once the course is towards its end, you will find yourself paving your way through the waves at a speed you never imagined.

Surfers Paradise Kiteboarding School | Kitesurf Lessons In Belgium
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