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Surf Connect Wind & Kitesurfing Classes In Sandgate (Australia)

From windsurfing to kitesurfing to kayaking and standup paddling, you will find lots of things to learn at Surf Connect. They offer professional tuition and rental services for their customer’s ease at an affordable price rate.


Water Sports Training In Brisbane Since 2005

Brisbane’s watersports community is not new to the Surf Connect School. They have been making waves in the community since 2005. They offer a myriad of water sports training and gears to ensure a fun-filled vacation for their customers.


Their equipment and training are known to be one of the most secure for each individual, group, and corporate sector.

Surf Connect Wind & Kitesurfing Classes In Sandgate (Australia)
170 Flinders Parade
Sandgate Queensland 4017
Phone: (617) 3137-0500