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StevoKitesurf | Champion Kiteboarding Classes in Panne (Belgium)

Already as a ten-year-old child, Stevo was interested in the power of the wind. After a while, he and his family arrived at the coast from Heist op den Berg, flying a kite and then kite was his favorite activity. After a few years, landboarding and buggies were added to make it even more fun.


About Stevo Kiteboard School

His interest in kite sports was so great that the step to kitesurfing was inevitable and by the age of 15 the time had come. Steve took lessons and because of his broad base of techniques on the beach, he quickly got used to it on the water.


Once on the water, he was unstoppable. On a Wednesday afternoon, he traveled 7 hours by train and tram to kitesurf as long as possible and then to go back again. Together with his parents and brothers, they went to Tarifa, Rhodes, Tenerife, Fuerteventura … to learn as much kitesurfing as possible.


Belgian Kitesurfing Championship Winner

When the many hours of public transport began to weigh in, Steve got the chance to finish high school on the coast to train even more. All that effort was not unpaid, for 2006 Steve became Belgian champion for the first time at the age of 18!


After graduating in industrial electricity a year later, the world opened up. Thanks to his sponsors, Steve was able to participate in international competitions and training camps. He was able to conquer podium places in Russia, Israel, France, and the Netherlands, and he became the Belgian champion a few times.


Started A Kitesurfing School in Belgium

Because he wanted to convey his passion to other people, Steve has meanwhile set up a kitesurfing school. Then he got to know his wife Tineke and together they founded StevoKitesurf. The combination of Steve’s expertise in kitesurfing and Tineke’s bachelor’s degree together with their shared passion for the sea is bearing fruit.


Teaching A Variety Of Extreme Water Sports

Because under the name StevoKitesurf, they have expanded the lessons together with wave surfing lessons, wakeboard lessons, kitesurfing lessons, wave surfing lessons, initiations … In short, almost everything you can experience in and around the sea.


So if you share our passion for the sea and the beach and if you want to come and enjoy the natural forces during a lesson, camp, or initiation, you have come to the right place!


Everyone is welcome at StevoKitesurf – Driven by passion!

StevoKitesurf | Champion Kiteboarding Classes in Panne (Belgium)
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