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Spain’s Kitesurf Camp Tarifa | Dakhla & Lassarga Kiteboarding Spots

Tarifa has many attractions, including two historical castles, Las Palomas island, which is located between the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The island represents art and fashion shops at the crossroads of two continents. The Tarifa center, with its labyrinthine streets and traditional Andalusian white homes, also offers great places to visit.

The expatriate community also provides transportation and transport is free in many cases. Most importantly, campers get an opportunity to learn the sport of kitesurfing in an environment designed just for them. 

Intensive Surfing At Camp Tarifa

To make the most out of their trip, first time kiteboarders can sign up for a week of intensive training at the Tarifa camp. This means they will become safe and independent kiters in four days of kitesurf classes (three hours each day).

As many instructors will be taking students on a one to one basis, so it will be necessary to book accommodation, transport and insurance. Having all of this included in the price is totally worth it.

To complete the experience, the student may sign up for a week of intensive kiteboarding at camp Tarifa. This would include a two-day camp, a day performing in the open air arena and another relaxing and resting before returning to the camp.

A group kiteboard lesson is available from many of the same companies who supply the other components of the trip. These lessons can be ordered over the phone, email or in person and most of the companies are happy to set this up.

Dakhla Kitesurf Camp

Dakhla Kitesurf Camp is an excellent destination for a family holiday. It is situated in lovely Sanmeric, Karnataka state and is known for its rich culture and tradition. The lovely lakes of Mysore are surrounded by a luxuriant green forest which in turn hosts the Dakhla Kitesurf Camp.

The Dakhla Kite Riding Camp has been featured in many national and international publications because of its beautiful setting, peaceful environment, and relaxing activities.

Dakhla Kitesurf means flying through the sky on the surface of water.  “The sky is our hope and the water is our food” is the motto of this kite-flying camp. The name of the park itself is derived from “Dakhla”, which means “through the clouds” and “Sutar” means “mountain”.

The beautiful lake serves as the following: picnic areas, bathing areas, Jacuzzi and shower blocks, hot spas, a canopy and much more. This place has been designed to offer tourists a unique experience while at the same time, making it a place where people can relax and get away from the daily grind.

The Camp Area

The activities offered at the Le Kitesurf Camp include: avec des pousses, avec des planches, avec des heures, and avec des bras. All these activities enable guests to enjoy themselves in the most natural way.

Another unique aspect of this Le Kitesurf camp is the fact that it is nestled within the boundaries of a French region. This region has long been a popular tourist destination for those looking for an extreme sport or a luxurious holiday.
A place like Saunton, which is situated in the municipality of Plage du Midi, offers everything that you need to have an adventurous holiday. The area has a fabulous history, with a post-millennium fort and a lovely harbour that offer a great deal of opportunity for tourists.
In fact, the proximity of the town to the sea has led to it being dubbed as the perfect place to fly a kite as it offers access to some of the most amazing sea areas in the world.

Dakhla Kiteboarding Competitions

This is not the first time that Dakhla has played host to an international tournament. In fact, the most recent competition to take place there saw the camp win by beating the UK’s Acro Sport Kitesurfing Club in the final round. The impressive news from Dakhla is that they are planning on hosting another Le Kitesurf Tour in the summertime. 

International kitesurfing is huge in France, and many people can be seen enjoying their passion of flying the giant blue skies above Paris and Le Bordeaux. Check out the Dakhla website for more information on how you can book your trip today!

Kitesurfing Lessons At The Dakhla Camp (Lassarga)

Dakhla’s Camp is a very special place where you can spend quality time with your family. The place has everything for the kids, and even for the elders too. Amongst the myriad of things the camp offers visitors, the surfing is the main attraction at the camp.

The first thing to remember about this adventurous sport is that it has a touch of being a danger sport, and not for the faint hearted who is scared of the ocean or high waves. If you are scared of heights, you can go ahead with the adventure and climb the tree to begin with.
A lesson at the Dakhla Kitesurf camp will help you handle the kitesurf equipment. As you learn more about the equipment, you will realize how easy it is, and understand that once you have reached a certain threshold, this watersport is easier than traditional surfing.

Learn The Reversed Ollie in Tarifa

Apart from learning the basics of kitesurfing, you will get an opportunity to try out the various techniques that you could adopt in the course of your watersport adventure. For example, you might like to try out the reverse ollie. Experts say that if you master the technique, you can be rest assured of having some chances of winning contests in the near future.
It is important to take a kitesurfing lesson from the experts at the camp, so that you know how to position yourself on the kite and safely learn the basics. While practicing the various techniques, it is important to keep your eyes on the spot where you want your kite to go. This will help you position your kite in a way that you can have a better shot.

Getting Addicted To Kiteboarding?

Most kitesurfers love the excitement and the thrill of water that accompany any particular kite ride. The thrill experienced while kite surfing often make people addicted to it.
In fact, experts say that kitesurfing offers a lot more than just adrenaline rush and water fun. If you want to enjoy your kitesurfing adventure more, you should think about getting a lesson.
Dakhla’s Camp is a favorite place to learn the art of kitesurfing in Tarifa. The camp instructors are very experienced at teaching people how to kite surf without worrying about their body balance during the rides.
At the camp, you will get to learn several other things, like flying the kite, or making different motions in the water to generate power. The instructors at the camp also teach students how to use ailerons to gain lift. This is the perfect way for someone who wants to improve his or her skills in kite surfing or water kitesurfing.

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