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SottoVento KiteSchool In Butera (Italy)

SottoVento is a kitesurfing school that was made to cater to every student in a different way. They believe that every person has their own unique abilities and learning pace. Because of that, at this training camp, you will find a learning plan for everyone.


Trained Teachers For Every Kitesurf Student

Whether you are a beginner or you are almost ready to call yourself an expert, this place will accommodate you right according to your needs. They have a solution for all kinds of learners no matter what age group they belong to.


They are well equipped with the latest gears that are available for rent, like a kite, board, impact, harness, wetsuit, and helmet. The school boasts a team of trained instructors that will help you follow dreams while you have as much fun as possible.

SottoVento KiteSchool In Butera (Italy)
SottoVento KiteSchool - c.da Tenutella
Butera 93011
Phone: (348) 873-7329