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Sicily Kite School | Kiteboard Training In Stagnone (Italy)

Sicily Kite School is the best school in the Stagnone lagoon, in terms of IKO certification and high-quality training on a consistent basis. Additionally, the lagoon is a water reservation that has shallow waters, constant wind, and stunning views. Therefore, by some, it is considered the kite paradise of the world.


Location Of Sicily Kite School

It is located in western Sicily, between Trapani and Erice, just a couple of minutes away from Marsala and the Trapani-Birgi airport. The SKS itself is established within the walls of the Santa Maria domestic complex.


It is known as one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Also, it is a meeting spot for numerous kitesurfers who visit every year to experience adventure, fun, and togetherness.

Sicily Kite School | Kiteboard Training In Stagnone (Italy)
Contrada BIRGI VECCHI 390
Sicilia 91025
Phone: (338) 543-7280