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Rescue Teams Can Now Use A Kiteboarder ID Sticker

Global Kitesports Association (GKA), announced the launch of a sticker program to identify kiteboarders. The reason is that, each year, hundreds of kiteboarders suffer equipment failures, sudden wind loss, or both, and may be stranded at sea or get lost at sea.

In order to find potentially lost riders, lifeguard teams from national and regional areas and ocean rescue services are often activated for several hours.

Floating Kites On The Ocean

Jorgen Vogt is the director of GKA. He says that kites floating in oceans without kitesurfers is a common safety and environmental problem. Rescue teams face problems because any kite seen in open water indicates a drowned or lost kiteboarder.
“Authorities don’t know if the rider is drowning in the ocean, or lost at sea. Therefore, rescue operations are expensive and extensive” says Jorgen and continues:
”Rescue teams spend hours trying to find the missing kiteboarder. Resources are wasted when the identity is not known for a prolonged period of time.”
As a consequence, kite bans have become more common in some of the most popular spots for kitesurfing.
Vogt adds:
“We want to establish a cooperative relationship in water safety and rescue services. However, the complaints have grown and we have decided to take action.”

Identification Of Kitesurfers – A New Safety Standard

Identification sticker is a new safety standard for kiteboarders and rescue teams. The ID sticker is a rectangular decal that displays the rider’s name, phone number, and emergency contact.

It can be used on kites or kiteboards, and contains extremely useful information regarding lifeboat search-and-rescue. Rescue teams will call kiteboarders if they find a board or kite that is lost. This allows them to determine if the rescue mission can continue or if it must be stopped.

Kiteboarding Manufacturers Are Involved

Manufacturers will be included in the new kiteboarding identification sticker program so that riders can use it whenever they purchase new equipment.
Jorgen Vogt concludes:
“We worked closely with kitesurfing companies to place a waterproof sticker onto any new kite or board so that the owner could immediately write the contact information.”

Upwind Bodydragging To Retrieve Your Kiteboard

You can also purchase the new ID sticker at wind sports shops. It can be removed quickly from your gear whenever you sell your kite or board.
Riders should place the sticker at the leading edge of their kite. However, kite companies can help customers do it correctly.
For easy placement, brands committed to adding a frame to the front tube to hold the sticker.

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