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A.S.D. Reef Kiteboarding Classes In Trapani (Italy)

REEF was first established in 2009 as an amateur association at the request of Antonio Cappuzzo. Mr. Cappuzzo was an outstanding water master in the history of windsurfing in Sicily, as well as the father to two young champions, Alice and Francesco.


The History Of ASD Reef Kitesurf School

In 1977, when mother Agata decided to distract Antonio and Lucia from a sport that she deemed dangerous (water skiing), she gave them a strange tool or sports equipment called “sailing board”. A piece of equipment that later appeared in Náutica magazine.


Back when there was no internet and specialized shops for such equipment, Mother Agata ordered it from the magazine, which was manufactured and marketed by the boat manufacturer “Sessa”.


After she opened the box and spent almost the entire day trying to understand how to assemble it, she concluded that only the ones with an extreme passion for this sport would understand.


Antonio took windsurfing courses with utter dedication for many years. In the 1990s, after two decades of equipment improvements, they assisted in the construction of very small wooden boards called “sinkers” or 5-square-meter sails with four-foot booms.


Another strange tool was created, where a kite was mounted on the surfboard. This led to the birth of kite surfing. They, later on, decided to use this tool on the sea instead of on land, which ensured the safety of the sunbathers, animals, and anything that could come in between.


It seemed like a bad idea at first but they ended up succeeding. This resulted in it becoming one of the most loved and practiced water sports. Today, along with windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) has become another popular water sport.


As a result, today you can learn all these related watersports at A.S.D. Reef in Italy.

A.S.D. Reef Kiteboarding Classes In Trapani (Italy)
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