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Pro Surfing Company | Watersports School In Gran Canaria (Spain)

With over 15 years of experience in the teaching and touring of the Island, the Pro Surfing Company has become one of the most premium water sports schools in Gran Canaria. Another contributing factor in this success is the fact that it is the first watersport school found in this area.


Top Kitesurfing Training

They have gathered 75000+ hours of pure outdoor fun with their customers and surfing students from all around the world. Pro Surfing Company has obtained the seal of quality from several different brands and institutions due to their high-quality training and touring sessions.


Their instructors are highly trained professionals and each sport that is offered in the school provides the best and finest information possible to the learners.

Pro Surfing Company | Watersports School In Gran Canaria (Spain)
Av. de Moya, 6
Las Palmas 35100
Phone: (628)-104-025