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PKS (Professional Kite School) | Insured Kiteboarding Travels

Travel the world and learn kitesurfing with our schoolmasters! If you want to learn kitesurfing quickly and efficiently, your next thought must be to turn to a PKS schoolmaster.


Quickly Increase Your Kitesurfing Skills

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. What do you remember? Little, trust me. It’s like you start from 0 every time.


Imagine now instead of being able to go every day for a week. At the end of the holiday, you will at least have fun in total autonomy. The same goes for kitesurfing.


Or if you want to improve your level and be instructed personally to improve your skills, you chose a PKS schoolmaster.


Kiteboarding Travelling With Us

Through us, you can join South Africa, Venezuela, Morocco, Madagascar, and Portugal. The best of kitesurfing all over the world. A real paradise where you can learn and maneuver your kite.


You will always be followed step by step by our instructors and you can continue to learn using our equipment even after the lesson has finished.


Kitesurf Travel Insurance Covered

All participants who register with one of our IKO schoolmasters are covered by AICS insurance and ASD membership cards, but we recommend personal accident insurance. If you want to go to the next level, the PKS schoolmaster might be one of your best choices.


Wind-safe Warranty

And if PKS was not enough, you have the Wind Safe guarantee. Unfortunately, if there is no wind during one or more days during your stay at our school, you may get a free pass to rejoin us on your next trip.


Choose the destination of your preference and take off with PKS school.


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PKS (Professional Kite School) | Insured Kiteboarding Travels
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