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Welcome to Ottawa Kiting, the home page of the Ottawa Kiting community!

Kiting toward the sunset at Britannia. Photo by Jennifer Madore. 

Kiteboarding Activities In Ottawa (Canada)

Kiting is a new group of related sports: kitesurfing or kiteboarding (on water), kite snowboarding & kite skiing (on snow), kite skating (on ice), kite landboarding & kite buggying (on land), and kiteboating (with a boat on the water).  All of them use a kite as the main sailing “engine” to propel a “vehicle” (kiteboard or boat on water, snowboard or skis on snow, skates on ice, and landlord or buggy on land).

Two of the main fun factors of kiting are that it is a 3-D sailing sport (allowing the rider to occasionally “escape” the limitation of the water/snow/ice/land surface) and it can be done year-round (there aren’t many exciting sports that can be done year-round in Ottawa).

Given the fact that Ottawa is a relatively small town, it is very active in kitesurf activities. 

You are welcome to explore our site, our exciting world of kite sports and even kite at our local spots; however, before you attempt kiteboarding in Ottawa, please read our Safety & Rules section.

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