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Mifune Watersports | Kiteboarding Center In Overveen (Netherlands)

Mifune Watersports is a watersport center in Bloemendaal Aan Zee. It is a location like no other to enjoy water sports in a safe and fun manner, near Haarlem and Amsterdam.


Perfect Spot For Kitesurfing In The Netherlands

Mifune Watersports is situated on a widespread beach, which makes it the ideal spot for water sports practice. You can get in touch with them to inquire about courses, storage, and rental regarding catamaran sailing, supping, kitesurfing, and wave surfing.


Their comfortable beach club is the perfect spot to sit back and relax with a snack. Whether it’s a company outing or a holiday with the family, the Mifune team will accommodate your needs just right.

Mifune Watersports | Kiteboarding Center In Overveen (Netherlands)
Parnassiaweg 7
Overveen 2051
Phone: (235) 830-535