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Miami Kiteboarding | Surfing Training In Key Biscayne (USA)

Miami Kiteboarding in Key Biscayne offers the world’s best high-performance kiteboard rentals, training, and flights. Situated just south of Downtown Miami, this kiteboard hub offers unbeatable views and consistent wind speeds. Book your next kiteboarding adventure today and hit the water with the best board your budget can buy.


Miami Kiteboarding College

Also, they teach everything you need to know about boating and kiteboarding. Feel like a kiteboarding expert after completing their Beginner’s Course, the Miami Kiteboarding Beginner’s Class, or by taking advantage of the Miami Kiteboarding College.

Learn Great Kitesurfing Tricks

You will learn to kiteboard in the most comfortable and scenic setting you could ask for. No more worrying about tides, chop, sea swells, and trying to get out of the way of speed boats! The instructors will take you out, teach you how to navigate, and show you the tricks you need to know to be a great kiter.
As you will find out on their website below, kiteboarding is fun, easy, and exhilarating!
Miami Kiteboarding | Surfing Training In Key Biscayne (USA)
6767 Crandon Blvd
Key Biscayne FL 33149
Phone: (305) 345-9974