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Leerkitesurfen Surf Camp In The Netherlands

Teaching Methods Of Leren Kitesurfing

When you start learning kitesurfing, someone needs about 3 to 7 lessons before they are able to continue practicing comfortably and responsibly. One is already on the board at the 2nd lesson and the other only at the end of the 5th lesson. Because everyone has their own learning pace, we think it is important to offer multiple options.


Tailor-made Kiteboarding Classes

After the first time kitesurfing, we can estimate approximately how many lessons you will need. We can also put together a tailor-made package. We help you with take-off and landing and keep an eye on things. Very nice and safe and convenient if you are not so sure yet.


Rent Or Buy Surfing Equipment

The advantage with us is that after the lessons you can also rent kitesurfing equipment and continue learning kitesurfing with guidance.


If you want to buy your own kitesurfing equipment after the lessons, we can also guide you with the purchase of your equipment, so that you come home with reliable kite equipment.


Leerkitesurfen Surf Camp In The Netherlands
Jan van Den Doemstraat 22
Utrecht 3515
Phone: (615) 563-598