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Lazykite School Tarifa In Spain

The Lazykite school is located on Los Lances beach, in the center of Tarifa. Here you will be taught to practice one of the most fun and wonderful sports, which will allow you to immerse yourself in nature without polluting it. In our school a different beach is discovered every day, depending on the level of the student, the weather conditions, in order to live and discover the different beaches of Tarifa and the Andalusian coast.


Lazykiteboarding Lessons and IKO Instructors

We are characterized by the special attention to the needs of the student and his companions, using the method of certified IKO instructors. The school is located on the beach, within a structure, Ristobeach Papagayo, in the main surf spot of Tarifa: a beach with perfect waves washed by two seas, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean.


On the horizon you can see another continent, it is the coast of Morocco, a few minutes by boat, you can immerse yourself in a world of one thousand and one nights, visit the “souk”, classics of local markets with multiple colors, and drink Moorish tea in an exotic riad.


Kitesurfing Beaches In Tarifa

From Tarifa you will enjoy beaches and dunes, Playa de los Lances, Playa de Valdevaqueros, Punta Paloma, Playa de Bolonia, Caños de Meca, Playa de Conil and Playa del Palmar. The beaches of this coast are bathed by two opposite winds: the west wind on ‘weak, fresh and constant wind that comes from the ocean, and the stronger east and the heat coming from the Iberian Peninsula. The winds and tides periodically change the shape of the beach and on the full moon beach, it joins the formation of a beautiful sea lagoon.


Nightlife In Tarifa

To end the day, you can enjoy a cocktail at Ristobeach Papagayo on the promenade watching the embrace of the sun sink into the ocean. The nightlife in Tarifa comes alive within the historic center, with its typical tapas bars, restaurants, shops, cocktail bars and small clubs.

Lazykite School Tarifa In Spain
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