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Lázaro Kiteschool Surf Classes In Uruguay

Have Fun Learning Kiteboarding at Lázaro Kiteschool

At Lázaro Kiteschool in Montevideo (Uruguay), we don’t forget that the most important thing is fun. We dedicate ourselves to kitesurfing to have the opportunity to have fun practicing the sport we love and we want to infect you with that enthusiasm that surrounds us.


Lázaro is a kite school that comes from the Caribbean (Cuba) providing the best joy and passion for water sports. Founded in 2009 by qualified professional IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certified instructors arrived in Uruguay in 2011. Since then it has been one of the top-notch schools in the area in terms of offering safe and high-quality surfing lessons. The result of the effort is a group of friends who share the same passion.


Member Of AUWKS

We belong to A.U.W.K.S (Uruguayan Windsurf, Kitesurf, and Paddleboard Association) being a member of the commission and group of kitesurfers (Kitegroup Montevideo).


Safe Kitesurfing Classes With Experienced Teachers

We offer the best IKO instructors with a fresh methodology to teach the classes and achieve your optimal result, providing the best equipment and a first-rate security system for the student. To achieve the maximum satisfaction of our students, we have a team of qualified instructors with more than 10 years of experience.


All of them are vocational instructors who take each kitesurfing lesson as a personal challenge, they will put all their enthusiasm into getting you to enjoy the sensations of riding, without ever forgetting your safety. For us, the best prize is to introduce a new rider to the world of kitesurfing. Do you want to be next?


Quickly Increase Your Kiteboarding Skills

Throughout the course, we will motivate you so that you can fully exploit your potential and so that you can enjoy the sensations that this fantastic sport provides, always in the fastest and safest way but without haste. Our premise is to ensure at all times that we comply with the standardized security protocols required by the IKO.


A Wide Range Of Kite Courses

If you live in Uruguay or if you are thinking of spending a few days here, you have the firm objective of learning kitesurfing without wasting your money, surely Lázaro Kiteschool is what you are looking for. You can be a member of our group of kitesurfers called Kitegroup Montevideo and experience the sensation of sailing as a team. We offer you a wide range of kite courses adapted to your needs.


Get in touch with Lázaro and request a budget tailored to your needs (see map below).

Lázaro Kiteschool Surf Classes In Uruguay
Playa Malvín
Montevideo 11400
Phone: (989)-871-2916