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Kukulkite Netherlands | Kitesurf Instructions In Holland

Kiteboarding School in Amsterdam, Holland

This kiteboarding school originated when its head instructor, Chris, fell for a woman called Elke and decided to spend the rest of his life with her. They both got together and started a kitesurfing camp called KUKULKITE. The couple is simply crazy about one another and enjoys running the business together. Elka generally takes care of queries at the reception, and Chris schools and guides the students.


Kitesurfing Instructions by Chris at Kukulkite

Chris is an experienced instructor and has worked in multiple countries, including Mexico, Peru, Cuba, Brazil, France, Dominican Republic, Sardinia, Spain, and the Netherlands. He has over 11 years of experience in this field. Moreover, KUKULKITE was not massive when it initially began but is now flourishing.


Kukulkite Netherlands | Kitesurf Instructions In Holland
Bilderdijkstraat 201
Amsterdam 1053
Phone: (316) 2357-7500