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Kitesurfspot Best Surfing Training In Den Haag (Holland)

KITESURFSPOT is regarded as one of the best kitesurfing schools by surfing enthusiasts. The best part about this surf-camp is the combination of beach club birds and surf blend which makes it quite a day at this spot.


Adventurous Kiteboarding Holiday Classes

From a spectacular view to adventurous sports in the ocean followed by a delicious bbq dinner by the sunset is what a dream holiday is made of. The owners Kevin and Mark welcome you all to join the KITESURFSPOT and learn what they are passionate about.


Both the owners run their kitesurfing lessons individually, but later on, decided to merge the training classes to give you an even better experience.

Kitesurfspot Best Surfing Training In Den Haag (Holland)
Den Haag 2554 ZZ
Phone: (618) 729-444