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KSS Kitesurfschool | Bilingual Kiteboarding Lessons In Nieuwpoort (Belgium)

KSS Kitesurfschool in Nieuwpoort has one Dutch and one French-speaking segment. Very early on in the history of the school, this watersport was first known as “flysurfing” but is now known as “kitesurfing”.


From Windsurfing To Kitesurfing

From the very beginning in the history of KSS Kitesurfschool, windsurfers immediately saw the advantages of kitesurfing. they quickly realized that it was easier to learn and less dependent on weather conditions. Because of that, many practitioners increasingly started to do more kitesurfing and less windsurfing, and finally incorporated it into our lessons, and started to teach it to outsiders.


Kiteboarding In Theory And Practice

Since then, we have grown within this watersport discipline and, also because of our pedagogical background, have come to combine theory with practice. We are constantly committed to keeping the quality of our support and services high. We supervise group activities and team-building with thorough dedication and professionalism.


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KSS Kitesurfschool | Bilingual Kiteboarding Lessons In Nieuwpoort (Belgium)
Watersportlaan 15
Nieuwpoort 8620
Phone: (476) 702-751