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Sebino Kite School | Using Kiteboarding Radio Helmets

Whether it is a windy day or a sunny day with zero wind, they know how to make your days filled with immense pleasure and fun. If it’s windy, they will take you out for a kitesurfing adventure; if it is not, they will chill with you at their legendary chiringuito.


About Sebino Kiteschool in Merano (Italy)

Thanks to their IKO certified teachers, this small kitesurfing association can teach countless passionate learners how to master the art of kitesurfing.

Their latest generation equipment makes it easier for their students to learn new techniques and move freestyle on the ocean with precaution. They have their iconic radio helmets that allow the students to listen to instructions from afar to not miss any step.

Sebino Kite School | Using Kiteboarding Radio Helmets
Via Battista Cristini, 13
Marone 25054
Phone: (340) 315-8668