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“Kiteboarding is a growing sport here in North Carolina.” Those words sound like something out of a James Bond movie and for good reason. 

Kiteboarding has become one of the fastest growing sports in the country and people of all ages are taking to the skies in their very own kiteboarding adventure.

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Blown Kiteboarding NC

Blown kiteboarding courses in North Carolina have been growing in popularity for quite some time and now seem to be even more popular than ever before.

”Kite surfing is the heart and soul of what we at Blown kiteboarding truly stand for. We’re a business that was born out of the simple idea that skilled kiteboarders have something to offer the world.” 

– Mike Johnson, General Manager of the school.

This is a great state to learn kiteboarding because of the weather, the beaches and the natural landscape. 

“Kitesurfing is the ultimate water sport”, says Johnson, and continues:

“You will get to experience wind up to sixty miles per hour and up to forty-five miles per hour. Combine that with the scenic ocean water, ocean waves five to ten feet tall and massive cliffs, and you have a one of a kind experience.”

While everyone knows kitesurfing is a skill, not many people know how to kiteboard in reality. This state has helped to pave the way for kitesurfing classes to be offered in various cities and towns throughout the state.

Kitesurfing Classes In NC

Learning kitesurfing can be expensive. The first step to take is to join a kitesurfing club in your area or online so that you can receive valuable information about the sport and shop for, or rent, kitesurfing equipment in a safe setting with knowledgeable people.
You can also join a kite school that can provide you with theoretical classes and advice about your skills as well as provide equipment advice, for example sharing where you can buy used gear. In North Carolina, you will find several kitesurfing schools and lessons available so that everyone is on the same page.

Surfing Vacation?

The best kitesurfing vacation should be a memorable experience. If you are not sure where to begin, you can try visiting kitesurfing websites to see what it has to offer you. You will be amazed by the different offers available, and the tricks you can learn.
If you are ready to get out there and experience the thrill that comes along with kitesurfing, consider starting a North Carolina adventure today.

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