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Kitesurfing Lessons Bay Area SF | San Fransisco Kitesurf Classes At Its Best?

Looking to kitesurf in the Bay Area? 

With three years of experience, we wanted to give our San Francisco friends a little something they had never tried before. What better way to whip up an afternoon of surfing than in one of the most beautiful places on Earth?

Words From a Bay Area Kiteboarding Instructor

“With our watercraft and Jet-Ski support, we can take you to the middle of the most scenic stretch of ocean water. There you’ll have plenty of room to practice your moves! And don’t worry, there is no shortage of waves for you to master as you glide gracefully across the water.” – Dave Lehr, Kiteboarding Instructor

San Francisco Bay is home to many professional surfers such as Billy Freeman (Billy Garcia surfer, pro kiteboarder, instructor, author, & fitness expert) and Kellyenthorn. Perhaps have seen them on TV or in the movies?
The reason they are San Francisco’s best kept secret is because the waves there are unlike anything else in California. San Francisco is located in a windsurfing area, so if you are a kiteboarder, you will ride next to windsurfers who flock in the area to try their skills on the Killer Waters.
If you are looking for some good kiteschools to join, continue to read.

KGB Kiteboarding Lessons In San Fransisco

If you don’t have a lot of time to spend learning how to kiteboard then the KGB kiteschool has a lot of options for youl. For starters, you can get group or private lessons from the pros at KGB kiteboarding school.
If you have at least some time and want to learn while having a little fun in San Diego and the Bay Area, it offers a couple different options for this: one is hourly lessons, and the other is weekend only.
If you just have a couple hours available to learn, then hourly lessons might be for you, especially if you live in the area and already know a bit about kiteboarding.
You can also sign up for a day of riding and come back and pick up the rest of what you need. Kiteboarding lessons aren’t very cheap though, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the time to commit to this, and make sure that you get your certification.

Weekend Classes For Advanced Riders

Another option is to sign up for a kiteboarding weekend trip. There are a handful of companies offering both day and weekend trips, and they have plenty of experienced pros to teach you.
Because of the nature of the sport, these trips are usually designed with intermediate, and even professional riders in mind. You can rent a kiteboard, fly out to the site to ride, and then return to camp after having a good time.

San Francisco or San Diego Kitesurfing Lessons?

Kiteboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular summer activities for both beginners and professionals, with tons of different camps offering lessons in San Fransisco and San Diego. However, to get the most out of your experience you’ll want to find a school that offers lessons from pros, or someone who has more experience in the sport, ideally a certified instructor.
With so many options available there are tons of different places offering lessons, so before you just jump into the water, make sure you know what kind of experience you’re really looking for. Here’s a few choices:

Kite The Bay Kitesurf School In Santa Cruz or San Francisco

Summer is prime time for kiteboarding in San Francisco and Santa Cruz. With as many as 10 kite spots open, you could have a full session in any day of summer, whether you are willing to spend 1-3 hours or the whole day at the park.
The number one benefit of kiteboarding is that it lets you feel like you are part of a community that wants to promote eco-friendly recreation in the areas it is located. The reason is that there’s so many ECO-friendly surf spots in the area.

Environmentally Friendly Surfing Spots At SF Boardings Park

As an example, if you go kite surfing in Santa Cruz, you can be sure that environmental issues will be at the forefront even if you happen to be just riding on the beach for a day. By taking lessons at Kitesurfing Schools in SF, you will be encouraged to protect the environment and promote sustainability as well.
One great place that offers kiteboarding lessons and events is the beautiful San Francisco Boardings Park. Located between the Pacific Divisions, the park has a long history as one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world.
This is a must-see spot for kiteboarding enthusiasts and those who just want to get away from the crowds of the Embarcadero and downtown.
Located between the Embarcadero and the Presidio Park, the park features steep hills, large berths, and even a giant rock feature that will catch your eye as you glide across the water.

More San Fransisco Kiteboarding Lessons: Point St. George Kitesurf Spot

There are also plenty of other attractions in the area, such as state parks, picnic spots, historical landmarks, and art galleries. There are also plenty of great beaches to surf on, including Point St. George, which boasts some of the most beautiful shoreline you’ll find anywhere.
Kite the Bay is great for anyone to learn to kite surf or to simply enjoy a relaxing day by the water.
The beautiful scenery, friendly locals, and convenient location make it an easy and affordable way to get into the watersport or to explore the Bay Area. Whether you also want to go jet skiing, rent a jet boat, or participate in calisthenics, there’s a good chance that kiting in the Bay Area will bring you pleasant memories.

Wind Over Water Kiteboarding School (Wowkite)

Another great kitesurf school in the are is run by Jeff Kafka. Jeff is a California kiteboarder, known best by his stage name of ”Barry”, and has been flying kites for close to ten years. He is also a passionate and experienced surfer who loves teaching others how to kiteboard.
Jeff became the first US distributor of Wowkite, a company that manufactures and markets kiteboard products. After only two months, Jeff decided he wanted to pursue a full time career in teaching people how to surf, so he bought Wind Over Water Company with the intention of building a kiteboard camp and brand.

Buy Kiteboarding Gear From Wind Over Water and Jeff?

Since then, Wind Over Water has grown into a multi-million dollar business in the United States and Canada, selling millions of dollars of products annually.
The Wind Over Water brand was originally sold exclusively through Jeff’s kiteboarding shop. Today, WOW Kiteboarding continues to expand across the United States and Canada.
Although Jeff remains the primary figure behind the business, several distributors, designers, and marketers have taken on the role of mentor and grow their own businesses while helping to support the original Wind O’ Water brand.
Each person that becomes a distributor or marketer of Wowkite adds to the team of qualified and talented experts that Jeff has spent so much time developing. Many of the current distributors started out selling Wowkite directly and later on got involved in marketing and promoting the product throughout North America.
Jeff’s passion for the sport and for teaching others have led him to a place of success in the world of kiteboarding. His love of water sports and his enthusiasm for helping people get started riding the waves has turned him into a national name that is synonymous with extreme watersports. If you are a fan of either water-sports or kiteboarding, you will definitely want to check out the Wind O’ Water website.
You will be able to find many different videos, information, and promotions for the exciting new product line. Check out what the website has to offer and if it may be something that will fit your needs.

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