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KiteSurf Gela Training Kiteboarding In Italy

Offering IKO certified Surfing Classes

This camp is a sports association, organization of events, and sporting events. It is also a kitesurfing school that offers IKO kitesurfing courses, equipment rental, and storage. It is a local school dedicated to teaching kitesurfing and kiteboarding to those interested.


The school has a lot of fun activities to do as well as a good deal of classes that make it easier to learn how to work a kite. There are also many other places to visit like different islands, cliffs to jump off, and many places to surf. There is also a non-boarding boat available that allows riders to ride to the many different beaches in the area.


Kitesurfing Training Experiences

The school has a whole variety of different instructors that have different levels of experience and some have been competing in events worldwide. Check out this video to discover more about the school.

KiteSurf Gela Training Kiteboarding In Italy
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