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Top Kitesurf Schools In Croatia | Neretva & Kiteboarding Komin

Kiteboarding in Croatia is becoming popular, similar to the way it has become popular in countries like the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. Also, it has spread all over Europe, including Croatia itself. 

The growing number of kitesurf schools is as a result of the increasing number of people discovering that kiteboarding is a great exercise for the body, while offering adventure and a new experience for beginners. Perhaps you are one of them?

Nowadays, the schools and camps in Croatia are professionally organized. This means that the instructor is usually fully qualified, certified, and capable of giving a lesson for beginners and advanced learners. 

Many of the schools in Croatia have a gear shop where you can rent and pick up all your equipment for the activity. You will find all types of equipment, from fins, handlebar grips, goggles, and ropes, to boards and kites. The staff is highly experienced in the use of the gear, so feel free to ask away!

Getting Started For Kitesurfing Classes In Croatia

If you are interested in taking lessons in Croatia, the first thing to do is to make a phone call and ask information about classes and fees. You can also inquire about the qualification of the instructors. This is essential because you want an instructor who is professionally qualified, and has been kitesurfing for at least six months on an advanced level. You should also ask if the instructor has gained additional qualifications and certifications.

Who Can Join A Croatian Kiteboarding School?

Wonderfully, anybody can join a Croatian Kiteboarding School. Most camps in Croatia accept individuals of all ages and abilities, and the instructors are willing to help beginners when it comes to theory, learning to steer the kite on land, and getting out into the water for the first time. Of course, this includes instructions on how to balance your kitesurfing board and get into the proper stance.

Again, you may want to select an instructor who has been riding and teaching for some time, and who can easily get you set up, instruct you on the basics of kitesurfing and provide you with the most foundational tips and techniques in a safe and efficient way.

Find The Best Croatia Kiteboarding Spots

Another thing that you need to focus on is location – where you can easily get started. Some beaches are flat and less populated, meaning that you’ve got plenty of room to move around on the water.

There are a wide variety of camps in Croatia that you can choose from. Many of these schools will only allow students to use the equipment provided to them by the school, so if you would like to experience a more independent kiteboarding, you might check this up with the instructor before you join. 

Neretva Kitesurf Camp & Kiteboarding Komin

Many of the schools in this area are wonderfully well-established and offer competitive classes. They have often been offering lessons for years, so they have the knowledge needed to help you become a great rider.

One established school with dozens of great 5-star ratings is Neretva’s School that offers specialized packages and programs. This includes inspiring classes for students with a lower budget.

They teach all levels of kiteboarding, from beginners to professionals and have done so for years. 

Why not visit one of the camp areas in Croatia and give it a go? See how easy and fun it is to get started. Before you know it, you may be flying through the skies in Croatia.

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