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Kitesurf Camps In Costa Rica | Bahia Salinas & Playa Copal

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing water sports in Costa Rica. The large Caribbean beaches that criss-cross the country have always attracted surfers, and over the last decade, more people have discovered the unique style of kitesurfing. Competitions can be intimidating to beginners, and most don’t even try it. But many of those who have tried it swear by it.

Bahia Salinas Camps & Kitesurf Courses

In recent years, Bahia Salinas has been an attraction for watersport fans from all over the world. Located on the western coast about ten miles from San Jose de Alajuela, the area is surrounded by sparkling white water and lush tropical forests.

It is one of the windiest places in the world, which makes it the perfect place for kitesurfing. Even expert kitesurfers will admit that Bahia Salinas is one of the best places in the world to learn the sport.

Playa Jandia In The Caribbeans

There are three recognized playas for kitesurfing in the Bahia Salinas area. Playa Jandia is the largest, and is also where the U.S. Open of kitesurfing is held. It is located right in the center of the sea and is accessed through a dock near the town of Miraflores.

Other kiteboarding activities in the area include surf lessons from experienced surfers, sailing, and sightseeing. There is also a small museum in the area that features photographs and stories of the lives of the island’s original inhabitants, as well as the world’s first indoor kitesurfing competition, which was held in 1980.

Safe Kitesurfing Classes In Playa Blanca

The second surf area in the region is the Playa Blanca, which is just as large as the Jandia Playa. This is a wonderful place for beginners to practice kitesurfing if they prefer flat water areas, as most of the courses at Playa Blanca are grassed. However, most of the activities at this park involve jumping and landing in water, so if you are looking for something more extreme or technical, check out the other two locations on the Playa.

Exotic Surfing In El Garraton

Finally, we come to the third place where you can learn and participate in kitesurfing, the El Garrafon National Park. It is the perfect for this sport, both for beginners and experts. The waters are wide open and calm, so you don’t have to worry about currents or high winds.

It is also completely remote, which makes it even better for families. However, due to its remote location, El Garrafon is only open to tourists once a year, so you may want to book early in order to get an inside pass.
Kiteboarding in Costa Rica has exploded in popularity over the past decade and is a great way to get out into the wilderness and enjoy nature at its best. If you have never surfed before, then you should check out the options that are available in the country.
Whether you want to learn the basics by kiteboarding in the Caribbean or you want to try your hand at more advanced kiteboarding, Costa Rica will give you an experience you will never forget.

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