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Kitescool Kiteboarding Classes In New Zealand

About the founders of Kitescool in New Zealand

The school itself is over 12 years old and is managed by two individuals; Warren and Wiebke. Born in Nelson, Warren gravitated towards watersports from early childhood. He mastered the skills of surfing, sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking at an early age.


However, his passion for Kitesurfing ultimately led him towards starting his very own school in Nelson. He was the first person who opened a kitesurfing school back in 1998 in Nelson. Warren and Wiebke have taught thousands of students over the years and have also organized Nelson Kitesurfing Nationals in 2007. They were the first kitesurfers to attempt to cross the Cook Strait.


IKO certified instructor

Warren has a degree in Zoology and is also a qualified SKOANZ guide. He is an IKO instructor (2nd level) and started to instruct in 2001. On the other hand, Wiebke was born in Germany and started taking interest in kiteboarding after she landed in New Zealand.


From windsurfing to kitesurfing

She initially started windsurfing and then moved towards kitesurfing. She is an IKO (2nd level) Instructor and came 2nd in the 2003 Kitesurfing Nationals. Moreover, the institute is well equipped with instructors that can speak multiple languages.

Kitescool Kiteboarding Classes In New Zealand
13 Beachville Crescent
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New Zealand
Phone: (642) 135-4837