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North Shore Kite Sardinia | Surfing Camp In Badesi

Badesi is a place located halfway up the north coast of Sardinia which is perfect for learning and enjoying water sports like kitesurfing, surfing, stand-up boarding, etc.


Best Wind And Water Quality For Kitesurfing

This place has been awarded a blue flag for the fourth time due to its consistent water and wind quality along with luxurious services on the beach.


North Shore Kite Sardinia’s kite zone is the only kite zone in that region located on a beautiful 10km long beach. Located at the end of Li Junchi, the region receives plenty of thermal breezes and flat water which makes it ideal for water riding in Sardinia.

North Shore Kite Sardinia | Surfing Camp In Badesi
Li Junchi Province 07030
Sassari 0.0703
Phone: (344) 163-0283