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Kitehouse Sardinia ASD | Kitesurf Classes In Sardinia

Home of the Asd Kite Village Sardinia, Punta Trettu, is one of the best spots for kitesurfing in Sardinia. The excellent exposure of wind and calm yet flat water makes it ideal for kitesurfing for all ages and skill levels. The ideal weather conditions make this space the hottest attraction for tourists who are beginning to venture into this exciting watersport.


Learn New Freestyle Kiting Techniques

People also try to perfect different freestyling tricks and learn new moves in the waters of Punta. The constant winds of Punta throughout the year make it ideal for windsurfing and kitesurfing. With constant weather like this, this place is nothing less than a heaven for these kinds of water activities.


Kiteboarding Amenities At Sardinia ASD

This house at the surfing spot is open to all the members of Kite Village Sardinia. It comes with free relaxation spots and free WiFi. The relaxation points include hot showers, changing rooms, spacious bathrooms, and shaded pitches for tents, vans, and camps.


There are separate spots for bbq that can be rented. Other than that, they provide a safe washing area, and storage space to keep your belongings secure.

Kitehouse Sardinia ASD | Kitesurf Classes In Sardinia
Località Is Melonis 13
San Giovanni Suergiu ;09010
Phone: (328) 033-4768