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Kiteboating World Record Attempt: Francisco Lufinha Crossing the Atlantic

Francisco Lufinha hopes to cross the Atlantic Ocean using a trimaran powered with a kite. The experienced Portuguese kitesurfer designed a multi-hull boat that can sail rough seas using a towing kite propulsion.

Lufinha plans to leave Portugal and arrive to the Caribbean in three to four weeks, depending on weather conditions and ocean conditions. It is his most ambitious project yet, and the solo mission will cover 3,620 nautical miles (approx. 6 700 kilometers).
Three years of research and development went into the creation of the kiteboat. His team needed to be able to combine the advantages and characteristics of a trimaran, a lightweight and fast kite, with the advantages and benefits of a standard kite.
The boat is pulled by the force of the kite and also has solar panels and a generator. This means that no fossil fuel will ever be required during crossing. Francisco Lufinha intends to cross the Atlantic with a boat powered solely by wind energy.
Lufinha will test and evaluate the prototype boat in the Portuguese coast, as well as in higher seas where conditions are more challenging.

Pushing the Limits Of Kiteboating

The adventurers expect to begin their adventure in November 2021. Lufinha worked with a German specialist in order to create a system that allows the kite to be controlled using technology.

The kiteboat is electronic in the first phase. Instead of pulling his arms, he can use a joystick. Lufinha said that the system, which is still being tested, lifts the kite into the air and makes some circles. This allows him to sleep while riding and sailing.

The Portuguese kitesailor said:

“During the crossing, I will test my limits as never before. I will have to control the kite in air for days, and get rid of the tiredness from sleeping only 20 minutes at once.”

He will also need to make his own water using a desalinator, and will have to eat dehydrated meals while navigating through the tides and winds until he finds land again.

Fransisco Lufinha Back In The Day (2013)

Kiteboating Safety Equipment Use

In case of emergency, the athlete will communicate with the Portuguese Navy. Francisco emphasized that:
“In the event that an accident occurs, which is always possible, such as hitting an object or a sunken vessel – we must predict these scenarios”.
He has a series of safety equipment that can be activated, so that nearby vessels can know where he is.

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