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Kiteboarding Curacao | Kitesurf Learning In Willemstad

Kiteboarding Curacao is situated on the Spanish water in the Jan Thiel area, mainly located at Caracas Bay Peninsula. The center of this spot offers activities such as paddle boarding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and most importantly kiteboarding.


Beautiful Kiteboarding Spot

The area is surrounded by beautiful sceneries of nature, perfect for hiking and historic visits. Not only that but it is also surrounded by great water bodies ideal for snorkeling and diving. Lastly, the absolutely stunning restaurants just make it impossible for one to resist this place.


What You Will Learn

Kiteboarding Curacao teaches kiteboarding with gorgeous views such as the Table Mountains, mangroves, and inhabited mini islands. The shallow spots are ideal for basic and new learners keeping their safety in mind. As for the deeper waters, they are open for all pro kiteboarders to have all the fun they want.


Kiteboarding Curacao | Kitesurf Learning In Willemstad
Windsurfing Curacao, Caracasbaaiweg z/n nozip
Willemstad 4797
Phone: (599) 9524-4974