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Best Kiteboarding Sunglasses | Or Use Kitesurf Goggles?

Eye protection is one of the biggest concerns for both professionals and amateurs. The sunray reflections on the water surface cause glare and can cause serious vision problems. To help you find the ideal pairs, we have listed some of the most popular and useful sunglasses below. 

Why Use Special Sunglasses On the Water?

This is a no-brainer. It is simply because the water, salt, wind, sand, and sun cause irritation to the eyes; hence, all kitesurfers are expected to wear eye protection. 

Therefore, sunglasses provide good protection for your eyes against the spray and sun. Water-specific sunglasses have a strap to keep them on your head. Also, since kiting is often done in the late afternoon, comfort is increased when looking into the sun.

Eyeglasses Under Your Goggles?

Outrageous, you think? Howbeit, based on personal preference, one can wear goggles with glasses. They are usually called over-the-glass (OTG) goggles. While some snowboarders and skiers have a preference for wearing contact lenses, most kitesurfers don’t mind. Especially for those who wear prescription glasses, OTG goggles are specially designed to fit over most prescription eyewear.

An important tip is to always ensure you test the fitting of the goggles on with your glasses beforehand to confirm if they are the right fit (closely fitted to your face) – this will significantly help to avoid fogging up of the lenses.

Kitesurfing Prescription Sunglasses

Most experienced surfers will admit to trying over a thousand glasses before eventually settling for the supposed ‘best’ sunglass. Therefore, essential characteristics of the best kitesurfing sunglasses should include: floatable, splash resistant, water draining to avoid fog, impact-safe, and visibility in the water. 

Also, they are expected to offer the kitesurfer a clear and wide range of vision when kiting, as well as stay safely and firmly attached to your body in all cases of water rolls or impact.

Here’s a few brands you can pick:

1. Lip Typhoons Shades For Kitesurfers

Top Choice (9,2/10)

Regarded as the ultimate water shade, these sunglasses offer you high-quality watersports eyewear that is stylish, functional and constructed to withstand the rigours of the ocean. 

Key features include: 8-Base curvature lenses, base lens and mirror coating colors options, Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rates from 9.95% to 15.6%. 

2. SPEX Amphibian Watersport Eyewear

Rating (7,5/10)

SPEX gear is designed for all water sports as they offer excellent eye protection. Their lenses are available in 5 different lens tints for a variety of lighting conditions. 

Key features include: Suspended lens design, which allows air to circulate around the lens, significantly reduces fogging.

3. SeaSpecs Classic Floating Polarized Sunglasses For Kiteboarders

Rating (7,5/10)

SeaSpecs floating sunglasses with strap for extreme sports give you 100% protection from UVA & UVB. 

Key features include a plastic frame, plastic lens, and Lens width of 65mm.

4. Lip Surge Kiteboarding Sunglasses

Rating (7,5/10)

This sunglass is dubbed the essential watershade. While it doesn’t come with Zeiss Swiss lenses, it is durable yet cheaper than most sunglasses Some of the key features include: polycarbonate polarized lenses, 8 base curve radius lenses for excellent peripheral vision, and a TR90 frame (durable, light weighted, and durable and flexible). 

Extra features include EVA case with a microfibre cleaning bag, a silicone rubber retainer necklace, as well as a clip-on safety leash.

5. Julbo Vermont Classic For Extreme Sports

Rating (6,5/10)

Generally used for several extreme sports like Freeride, Hiking, Mountaineering, Ski Mountaineering, it has been around for a while making a true classic. Over time it has been modified with the ever-evolving technology.

Key features include a round lens, lens sun protection index of Cat. 3, variable mirror color option, leather side shields, and metal-frame. 

The price is about $150.

6. Ocean Kiteboarding Sunglasses

Rating (8,5/10)

The polarized kiteboarding sunglasses designed by ocean sunglasses function with ATOM system which provides the eyes with overall protection by reducing eye fatigue and shield from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 

They are specially built to resist the most adverse and worst kiteboarding conditions. 

Some types include Cumbuco, Mentawai, Fuerteventura, Lake Garda Tierra De Fuego, and Australia with each having its characteristic design but the same properties.

Oakley Sunglasses and Goggles For Kitesurfers, and Other Additional Brands

In addition to the brands already mentioned, there is an additional array of goggles and glasses available, such as Oakley’s glasses for watersports,  Adidas,  Nike Sport, and  Bloc Sport Sunglasses. 

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