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Get Customers To Your Kiteboarding School | Our NEW Marketing Service

How We Give You NEW CUSTOMERS To Your Kitesurfing School, Camp, Or Local Business:

1. We Review Your Kitesurf School / Business (100% Free)

We send traffic to you by creating a beautiful REVIEW ARTICLE about your local kitesurifng school or camp. We make you look good (in an honest way) and point out your strong points. Also, we LINK to you from our powerful website (100% Free).  

  1. Email us at 
  2. Write MARKETING in the headline and add a link to your website.
  3. You get a message from us when your article is up, for FREE. 

See example of review article (opens in new window)

2. We Run Social Media Ads For Your Business

A team of social media experts bring motivated customers to your doorstep. How? You click the blue button below. Set the budget. Add your logo and slogan. That’s it! 

After that, they create and optimize paid ads on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. 2-3 weeks later, you pull out your mobile phone, and measure how many new customers you get. 

  1. Click below, add your logo and slogan.
  2. Choose your budget. Let ‘them’ run & optimize the ads. 
  3. Measure the results on your mobile phone.

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