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Kiteboarding Pro: The one kitesurfing game to master

A. K. Martins developed a game called “Kiteboarding Pro”, a PC game for kitesurfing.
He is a sworn interpreter and a former kitesurf instructor at IKO, and game development has been his hobby for many years.
When he first started kiteboarding, there wasn’t a title for it. So he created one.
“Kiteboarding Pro” was an old project he started many years ago, before 2012. Over the years, it got lost countless times.
He decided to release the game and finish it around April 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Since then, he rewrote the entire system, put in place most of the systems, redesigned models, animations, and graphics, and continued to work on it.
The Kiteboarding Pro game has a big map with several islands to explore in the Caribbean, which of course is a perfect place for kiteboarding.
“Kiteboarding Pro” (the title may still be open) uses simplified kite physics in order to make it more playable. Going upwind can be easier because you can go at a steeper angle. This was done to support the flow and gameplay of the game.
Fixed animations were eliminated to add more variety and excitement to the tricks. The physics of the engine is what determines the tricks.
If you perform a trick, it will look different every time, depending on how much momentum is built up after you press a key.
Programming parts of the game were rather tedious, according to the creator of the game, Andre Klein Martins. It was also important for him to set up performs at least 60 frames per second.
One day, he decided to create a large map that included many islands. He needed to find ways to optimize performance at all times. Optimization was therefore always in his thoughts.

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