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KiteboardCenter Stockholm | Kite Courses And Surfing Classes In Sweden

Kiteboardcenter Stockholm was founded in 2002 and is the largest kiteboarding school in Sweden. Here, you can get kitesurfing demos, courses, sales, rental services, and book corporate events.


Kitesurfing Lessons Every Day

Kite courses start every day and almost always include good wind, all summer! When you take a class with us at Kiteboardcenter, you get solid training led by Sweden’s highest-ranked and most experienced IKO instructors.


The courses are safe and secure and adapted to your level, following a well-thought-out plan for your individual needs.


Surfing Classes In Small Groups

Courses are run in small groups with dedicated instructors who care about you developing your skills as a kitesurfer. We offer the widest range of courses and the most effective arrangements.


Wingfoil Gear Shop

Now you can start using wing foils in our classes. We have North’s products with recognized high quality. Welcome to buy from us. At the kiteboardcenter shop in Stockholm’s inner city (Vasastan), you find the market’s best brands and most experienced staff. You will find selected models from the top-notch brands on the market, like North, Core, Eleveight, Duotone, Xenon, and Mystic.


Used Kitesurf Equipment Recommendations

New and used kiteboarding gear is being offered. Here you will also find a good selection of used foil and windsurfing equipment. Our used equipment has been reviewed and is often covered by warranty and support. When you have taken a kite course with us, you have discounted prices on new equipment


You will be met by experienced kitesurfers who have a high level of product knowledge. Our long experience and knowledge give you extremely accurate recommendations.



Kiteschool Ambassadors In Sweden

We have kite schools with the same course concept established in several places in the country. Book your kite course at one of our kite schools in Stockholm, Båstad, Blekinge, Gotland, or Öland.


Also, meet our ambassadors on the beach. They help you move forward with your kitesurfing and you can test gadgets from the market’s leading brands, like Core, North, Xenon, and Eleveight.


Kiteboarding Gift Cards Online

At our watersports centre, you can buy gift cards and give a new kiteboarding lifestyle and fun experience to a friend. You can easily order them online and use them for kite products and courses in the store or on our surf travels.


On top of that, in the winter we offer snowkiting, after-surf grilling, and much more.




KiteboardCenter Stockholm | Kite Courses And Surfing Classes In Sweden
Vanadisvägen 21
Stockholm 113 46
Phone: (700) 464-042