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Jama Kiteschool | Kiteboarding Lessons In Marsala (Italy)

Jama Kite school provides kitesurf classes for beginners and advanced students alike. The teachers have over 10 years of experience and are certified by the IKO.


New Kiteboarding Gear Every Year

In conjunction with teaching surfing, this camp offers comfortable facilities like shower, relaxation lounge, and the latest kiteboarding gear by Groove Boards and Naish Kites.  Additionally, they update the use of kitesurfing equipment every year. It means that if you join this kitesurfing school, you will always use the latest equipment from the top brands.


Simply put on their life jacket, harness, and wetsuit, and begin using their kiteboard and kite, while utilizing the radio microphone (if you want) when communicating with the instructors, who are always with you in the water.


Learn more by exploring their website in the link below.

Jama Kiteschool | Kiteboarding Lessons In Marsala (Italy)
Contrada Spagnola, 112a
Marsala 91025
Phone: (329) 8767-111