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About Ikointl IKO Kiteboarding Center

IKO consists of well-established professional teams of teachers, instructors, kiteboarding shops, schools, and training classes. At the IKO, you get training using the highest standards of equipment.


Get Certified At IKO Center

By far, there is no better place to become a competitive kiteboarder and get certified. IKO center offers kiteboarding certification services that are among the best in the world, helping you to reach your dream of becoming a professional. IKO offers training material and instructors in a perfect mix of top standards and safety for maximum progress.


Win Kitesurfing Races

Ever dreamed of winning some races? Ever seen that photo of you shredding next to your favorite rider and thought to yourself “that would be a cool photo to have on my wall”?


Try to understand that behind those expensive boards and expensive surfboards, is someone with a big heart and someone with dreams.


Are you that person?


IKO Center | IKOINTL International Kiteboarding Certification
Plaza Novus Mare
Cabarete 57000
Dominican Republic
Phone: (809) 571-9530