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IKO Insurances For Kitesurfing Schools USA & Worldwide

If kiteboarders are part of the same recreational group, and each takes out individual insurance to cover themselves, then all classes and lessons delivered at your kiteboard school would be protected as per BKSA rules in the UK.

Kiteboarding Class Insurances USA

However, in the USA, your state insurance department could determine the group or classes that would be covered and what levels of protection they offer.
So, if you run a kiteboarding school and aren’t offering group insurance, because you want everyone to be insured in the same way, make sure that you check with your state insurance department to see what their policies on group insurance and personal insurance would include.

Kitesurfing School Insurances - Check out IKO! 

When a group is formed for an organization such as a sports team or group of children, for example forming a business, can be difficult to decide who should get what. But with a thorough study of what’s out there and how it could benefit your organization, the benefits of IKO Kiteboarding insurance become clear.
You can tailor your policy to the individual risks and challenges of each individual item and the entire group. The beauty of group insurance is that all members can be included and covered no matter what.

Includes Other Water Sports Insurances 

As a second example, let’s say you’re starting up your very own kitesurfing operation and you’re looking for insurance to cover your equipment, your employees and yourself as well.
You’d find that the biggest group of companies that offer specialized insurance for kitesurfing would be those specializing in providing insurance for water sports generally, such as scuba diving, wakeboarding, rafting, skiing, windsurfing, and related water based activities.

Get Insured Through IKO?

For you to get an ideal insurance coverage package for your operation, you’ll need to research several insurance companies. By doing this you will have the advantage of knowing what’s out there and which companies can provide you the best coverage at the best price.

However, this can be rather time consuming, so a good way to get started is to seek out IKO Kiteboarding insurances. They aren’t  the most expensive and may certainly be worth looking into if you are organizing a kitesurfing or related water sport business.

Finally, you may want to stay updated on IKOs recommended safety practises (watch video).

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