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Hura Beach Waterspots | Kite Classes In Itarema (Brazil)

Hura Beach is returning with that fantastic Sunset vibe that combines the DJ set, special attractions, and that indescribable view of the sea on the Rooftop.

The Story Of Hura Kiteboarding School

Kiteboarding is gaining in popularity around the world as a way to experience the Brazilian Rainforest at the source, literally. “Kitesurfing in the rainforest is like taking the ultimate adventure and diving into a wonderland of colour and sound,” says Ricardo Fialho, founder of HURA BEACH.
“To learn this fun, new sport, we took it one step further and created a fully-featured kiteboarding school so locals and travelers alike can be surrounded by birds of paradise, hummingbirds, and capuchin monkeys.
And that’s not all – the class we give is hands-on and fun, combining the dynamics of surfing with the exhilaration of kiteboarding.”
We’re all about kiteboarding at Photography Life, so we were thrilled when the video was released. Ready to learn? You can find HURA BEACH kiteboarding at the link below.
Hura Beach Waterspots | Kite Classes In Itarema (Brazil)
Ilha do Farol
Itarema CE 62590-000
Phone: (558) 99616-1838