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Hood River Kitesurfing Lessons Portland | Gorge or Cascade Surf School?

Since kitesurfing requires an underwater workout, it’s a great way to get in shape, have fun, and improve your coordination while getting a workout at the same time. If you visit the Hood River area, you an get started very quickly.

Take Kiteboarding Lessons In Hood River?

If taking classes in Hood River you want to find a school that knows how to work with you individually and give you the best experience possible. The instructors has to be skilled in working with all different types of people in order to get the most out of their students. 

The certified instructors in this area are used to this, and can make sure that you feel safe during the entire process.

Hood River Kiteboarding Classes

There are several kitesurfing lessons in Hood river that can be taken by the public. These classes allow people of all ages and abilities to learn in a very fun and exciting way.
Once you have received the introductory lessons, often including some theory, you can begin practicing in the water. This involves maneuvering around obstacles in the water, learn how to maneuver your kite, and use body movements to help you control your kite as you go.
After a while, you can even join a league in Hood river that will allow you to get some competitive surfing points while meeting likeminded kiteboarders who share your interest.
If you are looking to join, you should take a look at the public classes in the area. Continue reading if you want to find some well-reputed schools. 

Cascade Kiteboarding School in Oregon

If you are looking for a place to get the latest and greatest in Kiteboarding there is the Cascade kitesurf school in Portland OR. At this school you will find most of what you could possibly want or need to learn.
Their certified instructors will teach you everything from the basics to being with you in the water. As several other kiteschools in this area, they have the best in equipment to get you out on the water and riding in short time.
The best part is, they have professionals that have been in the sport for years and know what they are doing, so they can usually guide you to a safe and fun place to practice.

Kiteboarding is a great way to be outside and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while getting an awesome workout at the same time. Unlike many other watersports the riders do not need to practice riding technique for hours on end. 

It can be learned quickly and with a little bit of practice anyone can start to feel like a seasoned rider. 

Kiteboarding Lessons in Portland With IKO Cerfified Instructors

As mentioned, they have kitesurfing classes in Oregon located right in Portland where you can learn to kiteboard from one of their certified instructors. With a comprehensive lesson program no matter how new you are, you can learn to do tricks and become a better rider with just days of training.
The instructors are not only IKO certified but also professional kiteboarders and know the importance of safe practice when it comes to taking care of yourself on the water.
Their classes in Portland include what you need to know about riding in the rain, carving tight corners, finding good banks and landing safely, body dragging, and all you need to get started, and continue to intermediate level.
This is a great opportunity to get in touch with nature while enjoying a sport that is both relaxing and fun at the same time. Have a look at their online rating scores by other earlier customers.

Gorge Kiteboarding Lessons – An Even Greater Alternative?

If you’re looking for another near-perfect place to learn to kiteboard in the Hood River area, then you should check out Gorge Kiteboarding School in Corinda, Oregon. Located right on the Gorge itself, the school is run by Tom Coughlin, who has been riding for over twenty years and is one of the best-known and respected kiteboarders in the Pacific Northwest.
The classes are taught at the Bridal Shores Kiteboarding Center, a two-story wooden structure perched on a cliff over the Columbia River that overlooks the Hood River.
Here, you can learn how to kiteboard and experience some of the Gorge’s most popular hangouts such as the Bridal Shores Fish House and the beautiful Bridal Shores.

Personalized Kitesurfing in Columbia River

As with any other adventure sport or recreational water activity, safety is always the first and top priority of Gorge kiteboarding school owners and instructors. The reason that Coughlin takes such good care of his kiteboarding lessons is because he knows that the sport is still relatively new, with many people still unfamiliar with it.
In addition, he wants to offer as many options and choices for his students as possible so they can make the best decision based on their own individual interests, abilities, talents, and level of expertise.
This is why each of the instructors at Gorge Kiteschool at Columbia River take the time to go through extensive training to become professional kiteboarders, and they all go through a background check as well.

Learn Kiteboarding or Windsurfing?

Aside, from excellent kiteboarding instruction, the school also offers great windsurfing lessons. Actually, several of the schools here offer classes by the top windsurfing tour operators in the Pacific Northwest.
These experts have been kiteboarding for years and know all of the unique locations, options, and other considerations involved in the sport.

Equipment Recommendations

The schools can also make recommendations on gear and clothing, which will keep you safe and protected as you enjoy one of the most exciting sports ever. From windsurfing and kite surfing to snowboarding and wakeboarding, the possibilities are endless.

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