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Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing watersport in America and the Caribbean. The combination of water, sun, and surf is ideal for those who like to live on the edge.

The Florida Keys offers the best conditions for kitesurfing and the riders can enjoy the water, surf, and the wind all in one place. From this perspective, Florida is one of the ultimate kiteboarding destinations for people that want to get started practising this watersport.

Epic Adventures FL Kiteboarding School

Epic Adventures will give you a head start by teaching you how to kiteboard from instructors who know what they are doing and who are also experienced in helping beginner surfers geting started safely and quickly.
“I have taken several kitesurfing lessons with Epic Adventures and feel like I am always learning something new”, says Amy Cates of Florida Keys Kitesurfing
At Epic’s school, I felt like I was getting the best education for the money. The kiteboarding and windsurfing courses were easy to follow and gave me great feedback on my technique and skills.
”It was great to hear comments from other kitesurfers and to see that my fears of holding a kite were soon put to rest.”

Kiteboarding Lessons Fort Lauderdale Adventure Sports

Taking classes from a qualified instructor, whether it is at Epic Adventures Sports ( or somewhere else, is important. The reason is that you need someone to safely and quickly guide you, whether you are trying to ride in the water or maneuver the kite in the air.

If you are just learning about kiteboarding or want to go out and compete, in both cases you will shorten the learning curve by getting classes from a certified instructor.
If you learn from a good teacher and are coachable enough, then you can usually become a skilled kiteboarder in short time.

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