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Corpus Christi Kiteboarding Lessons North Carolina | 361kite Or Kite Academy?

Kitesurfing is a great way to get into shape and build up a sweaty body. But like everything else, there are pros and cons to this activity, and one that you should look into for your future is what classes and surf schools you should join in the Corpus Christi area.

For instance, if you are looking for a highly reputed school in the area, you can take kitesurfing lessons in North Carolina at Blown Kiteboarding.

If you are looking for other interesting schools, then continue reading. 

New Spots At Kitesurf South

As you’ll probably see, kiteboarding is not just for the beach, as many people have begun to discover how great this area is for the unique and exciting sport.

This surfing town was named after the first kiteboarder in this area, John Flood, who made his first rides here way back in the days. 

Kiteboarders from all over the world continue to flock to Corpus Christi’s beaches to get together and practice their skills. Because of that, a number of high-quality kiteschools have emerged.

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361kite And Kite Academy

Some of the most well reputed schools like Kite Academy and 361kite can help you learn the basics and gain experience before heading out on your own kiteboarding adventures.

Lessons are offered by some of the top kiteboarders in the world, and in the best learning conditions. So you are sure to get the best instructions that you can, all the way up to advanced level, if that is what you are looking for.

The kind of gear and clothing you will need for your lesson will depend on where you take your lessons, your budget, and the level you are at. The first thing you will need for your surf classes at Corpus Christi is, of course, a kite surfboard. Then, we can talk about kite, and protective gear like kite gloves and sunglasses.

Many kiteboarding accidents happen when people fail to wear the proper kite protective gear. It is very easy to become injured from a failing kite.


More often than not, you must be over the age of eighteen, and should have a good sense of water safety. You should also have a basic understanding of kitesurfing itself, including kite construction, kite-surfing techniques, kite handling and kite placement.

Altogether, riding the waves at Corpus Christi is a great experience, as the area offers you ways to develop your skills in the clearest of waters. Surprisingly, the water around Tenerife is never cold.

Where can I kite surf in Texas?

Kite surfing is a popular hobby in the Lone Star state and there are many places and hotspots that surfers flock to in order to catch a ride. The best way to find a location in Texas to kite surf is to speak with your local kiteboarder about where he likes to ride and get map recommendations.

The warm and humid climate makes it the perfect place to ride out in and kite surf. Many areas also offer great fishing and camping opportunities.  If you are looking to make a stay at a campsite, you might want to check the area you want to ride in for some RV campgrounds.

Do you know anyone who lives in or near an area that you want to surf in?

If you don’t, it might be a great idea to meet new people. It is always fun to meet and network with new people. It’s much more fun if you go hunting and do some other spontaneous things like taking back fish from areas you ride in.

A place to meet other kite boarders in Texas is on the Internet. There are many message boards for you to visit and talk to other kite boarders about the hot spots you want to hit.  Typing “kite boarders” into any search engine swiftly brings out a number of sites with information about different locations. You get to decide where you want to go.

After talking to other kiteboarders online, the best place to meet up with them is at the kite club. Many clubs have their own websites that will list meet up times and locations. Just do a little research before you arrive to find out if there is a meeting time in your area. If there are none, then look into taking your own kiteboarding vacation to one of these clubs.

Once you have found your perfect spot, you will need to find a good kite board. There are all kinds of different styles to choose from. If you are just starting out then you may want to invest in a beginner board. If you are an experienced rider, then you will want to buy a board that is designed for the more advanced rider.

No matter where you decide to kite surf in Texas, there are plenty of great places to go and places to see, so plan accordingly and enjoy your stay!

Where can I kiteboard in Corpus Christi?

The waters of Corpus Christi, a city with many awesome beaches, is quickly gaining popularity. A great place to visit in the summer months is Folly Beach. The waves are usually six to eight feet tall, with a beautiful view of the water.

About Folly Beach In Corpus Christi

Folly Beach is located on a spot that was once an old sea shoreline. The area has a lot of historical significance to the locals. Popular John H. Young’s family owned property is on the coast near Folly Beach and the original oceanfront houses are still standing.

The surf in the area is great and you will find that the peak season is about four weeks long. You should plan to spend several evenings out at Folly either riding the waves or enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds the area.

One of the best parts about living around the coast of Texas is being able to enjoy all that there is to do outside of the water as well as inside it. The people of Corpus Christi love to spend their days fishing and surfing.

Texas Kitesurfing At Its Best?

There are several marinas in and around the city that have a huge variety of charter boats available for fishing. Many of the beaches are also loaded with surfboards and other equipment for beginners and advanced skateboarders alike.

In addition to fishing and surfing, the area is also known for its rodeos. There are tons of rodeo enthusiasts that travel to the area on weekdays. The rodeos take place all year around, but the main event takes place around March. It ends with a parade down South until around the first week of April.

The waters in and around Corpus Christi are loaded with kiteboarders, most of whom come out of Texas to come to the islands. There are many different places to ride in the area; one of which is Kiteboarding North Padre Island.

Many of the area resorts cater to kiteboarders as well, offering lessons, rentals, and sometimes even rental boats. The waters in the area are ideal for riding, as they offer wide open water with plenty of wave action.

If you are interested, it is important to make your plans to come to the islands now. The waters will warm up fast and you will not have any trouble finding a location to board.

There are several good locations in the city, as well as in the surrounding area. You can find lessons, rent equipment, and even buy your own board. It is a great way to enjoy the beaches in this part of the country, and it’s also a great experience to share with others who enjoy the same sport.

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