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Cadzand Sports Kitesurf Instruction In The Netherlands

Founded in 2016, the Cadzand Sports camp is driven by the passion and love for kitesurfing and the thrill associated with the beach lifestyle. Are you of similar interest? Then visit the beach pavilion de Zeemeeuw and enjoy the enthralling atmosphere.


Experienced Dutch Kiteboarding Instructors

Cadzand Sports proudly pins 18 years of experience to their collection, being deeply practiced in providing lessons to those interested in kitesurfing. Formerly, their name was Kite Academy Zeeland (KAZ), teaching people about kitesurfing at different places across Zeeland.


Surfing Spot At de Zeemeeuw

However, it soon became a tedious process for them to load the vehicle with equipment required for kitesurfing at the time of each lesson. So, in light of this, they made a permanent base at the beach pavilion de Zeemeeuw.


Luckily, it happens to be near the beach close to the Het Zwin nature reserve, which is one of the most beautiful locations to practice kitesurfing. The location is between Knokke and Cadzand-bad, which makes it a conveniently accessible location.


Other Watersport Activities In Cadzand

Cadzand Band also offers outdoor activities other than kitesurfing. If you have been dreaming of indulging in nature near the gorgeous Retranchement towards Sluis or the Otheense creek in Zaamslag, then Cadzand Sports will take great pleasure in ensuring that this dream comes true with their tours.


But if dry land is what you are aiming for, Cadzand Sports can provide that too with a wonderful power kite experience. That is a feeling like no other! They also offer other activities that are not wind-related, for example, GPS tours in nature or archery.

Cadzand Sports Kitesurf Instruction In The Netherlands
Gerrit van Hoekestraat 2
Sluis 4525
Phone: (621) 577-001