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Bull Kiteschool | Kiteboarding Lessons In Cádiz (Spain)

Bull Kiteschool in Cádiz is an exclusive school of Tarifa. It has been a designer and producer of kites and windsurfs sails for more than 20 years. The school provides high-quality kitesurfing courses and equipment.


IKO Approved Instructors

This means that if you join, you can kitesurf using the latest equipment and get guidance from IKO approved instructors who are with you in the water.


You are welcome to show or rent top-notch gear, and to sign up for their classes to get a new experience in life.

Bull Kiteschool | Kiteboarding Lessons In Cádiz (Spain)
Calle Braille, 26
Cádiz 11380
Phone: (956) 680-459