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Blekinge Surf | Top Kiteboarding Spots In Sweden

Join a kite safari or other kiteboarding events while exploring Blekinge’s kite spots in the best way! Together with other enthusiasts, beginners, and advanced, you will be guided in the archipelago to explore one of the greatest watersports.


Kitespots in Blekinge

Amazing nature experience combined with adrenaline, this is kitesurfing in Blekinge! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced kitesurfer, the spots are here for you. The wide archipelago, which does not extend that far, is what makes Blekinge special.


In the middle of the archipelago, we encounter stable winds with both flat water and waves.

Blekinge Surf | Top Kiteboarding Spots In Sweden
Vierydsvägen 228
Ronneby 372 91
Phone: (736) 991-281