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Blaskite School | IKO-certified Basic Kiteboard Courses in Senigallia (Italy)

The goal Blaskite Kiteboarding School is to get you to learn quickly and safely, supported by IKO certified instructors. The lessons at sea are always carried out with the help of a support boat and in close contact with the instructor. In this way, the exercises are adapted to each student’s degree of experience.


Kitesurfing Training Equipment Is Included

All equipment will be provided by the school: kite, board, wetsuit, life jacket, harness, helmet. Professionalism is our business card, and you do not need to worry about buying any gear to learn this watersport, for as long as you are being trained by us. However, if you want to purchase your own equipment right away, we help you find the items that fits you best. Why not first try our equipment before deciding what do buy?


Safe And Professional Training Environment

Have you often noticed inspired surfers letting themselves be carried by the passion of the wind? Our school has studied the best learning formulas for you that will lead you to reach your goals in a short time. That allows you to approach this sport with maximum fun and safety. The more skills you developed under safe circumstances, the more room will be given for you to feel true pleasure when riding the waves.


Our Instructors’ Kitesurfing Experience

You will have the experience of eight years of teaching and you will be supported by qualified IKO instructors, who will guide you on your first experiences on the water with our help. Again, we provide you with the sails, the board, the wetsuit, the harness, the helmet, and all the necessary equipment, so that you can entirely focus on growing your skills as a kitesurfer.


Get Your IKO Certification

At the end of the course, you will receive the IKO certification, based on the level achieved! Remember that IKO is the one and only institution you should get this certificate from.



Basic Kitesurfing Course Outline


First lesson:

The first thing we are interested in is definitely making a first acquaintance! Then we begin to analyze the wind and understand how a kite flies. We will evaluate the spot together, and decide what equipment to use for the kite training.


Thereafter, we will evaluate the intensity of the wind and its direction, focusing on the most important safety rules! Then we will use a trainer of about 2 meters to understand the correct position of the rod and body in relation to the kite, to be able to see the flight window in practice, play with the kite that makes “eight”, to get acquainted with the glider!


Second lesson:

At this point, we begin to set goals for each lesson! During this phase we will explain how to “arm” a real kite (Pump), then we use a rod with short cables (short line), we will go over the windshield, which makes the kite lift, and land and hold it in low areas.


Third lesson:

This time it is up to you, under the watchful eye of the instructors, to request necessary equipment, so that you can arm the kite yourself! At this point, we will begin to understand and control all power levels that are connected to the harness, try to become familiar with the traction force, and simulate starting and sailing maneuvers.


Fourth lesson:

It’s time to get into the water! We will start to manage the balance of our bodies in the water and use the traction to move! In this phase we will see the passages (transverse, aft, slack, tailwind) with the body pull technique, that is, let us be towed by the bodyweight, without a board! So if you hold the kite at 45 degrees, we use the arm as a drift, and  will see how the board is recycled in the sea!


Fifth lesson:

Now we have to learn to handle the kite-board and the bar, to prepare for the water start, that is, we learn to make the first starters with simple balance and coordination exercises. The instructor decides from time to time how the course should proceed based on the student’s learning, the length of the lesson, and the marine weather conditions.


Kite School Senigallia IKO Center Prices

The participation fee for the basic course includes the lessons according to the program described above, use of the equipment during the lessons, aids in the water, and our exclusive overall support.


The annual club membership and insurance fee must be added. Students who have already participated in a test day skip the first lesson in the water from the boat, and for them the participation fee will be reduced.



What should I bring to the kitesurfing lessons?


– Comfortable shoes and clothes for lessons ashore.
– Swimsuit and cotton or lycra t-shirt to hold under the wetsuit for water exercises;
– A windbreaker that protects you from splashes when you are on the boat;
– Accessories for a shower once back on the ground.


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